Hello All,

I am including a page(url) in iframe in a jsp but I am getting access denied error in IE 9. However for the same , its working in chrome.

The url I have is of a 3rd party website which I need to include in iframe in my jsp page , the url has query parameters of username and password provided by me dynamically. Using these username and password , the 3rd party website makes the user login . After logging in the eventual landing page is expected to get displayed in iframe .

I want to achieve this in IE only but its failing in IE only and working for other of the browsers like chrome , firefox.

Can any one please suggest me a way to achieve this or whats wrong in the method above ?

P.S. I have tried including the url in Object tag instead of iframe but the behaviour is same as above i.e. its working in chrome but not in ie.
Later I tried including another jsp as a source of iframe. in this jsp , on load I ran a dynamic form creation and submission to the url , but no luck.