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Thread: Get website metea tags with Ajax, PHP and Jquery

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    Get website metea tags with Ajax, PHP and Jquery

    I have a script which allows to fetch website content as plain HTML. It is written in PHP like this:

      $f = fopen($_GET['site'], 'r');
      $html = '';
      while (!feof($f)) {
        $html .= fread($f, 24000);
      echo $html;
    With a bit of Jquery/Ajax I can 'find' links in the data and show them as plain HTML like this:

       var site = 'http://www.SomeSite.com/';
       $.get('proxy.php', { site:site }, function(data){
            headlines = $(data).find('a');
            headlines.map(function(elem, index){ 
                href = $(this).prop('href');
                $('#Div').append('' + href + '');
       }, 'html');

    Instead of getting the 'url' I would really like to fetch the meta data (description, title etc.). So I tried:

    headlines = $(data).find('meta');
    headlines.map(function(elem, index){ 
    meta = $(this).attr('meta[name='title'');
                $('#Div').append('' + meta + '');
    I tried many other variations but I can't seem to get it to work. Help is very much appreciated.
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