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Thread: Coding for a functional Button on Input Form

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    Coding for a functional Button on Input Form

    I have a single Form which allows user to create a new Gift Voucher record.

    It is split into 3 input areas Voucher Details, Payment Details and Delivery Details.

    I want to add a button on the Payment details section which when activated will copy some of the entered fields from the Payment section to some of the fields in the Delivery section as follows: -


    PurchaserName DeliveryName
    PAddressLine1 DAddressLine1
    PAddressLine2 DAddressLine2
    PCounty DCounty
    PPostCode DPostCode

    I am using a Code Building product called PHP Runner which when you add a button gives you a properties widget.
    Please email me for a screen shot of both the form and the button properties box carltedd@outlook.com

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    1. you should't be relying on JavaScript for this
    2. collect the information through each process and then confirm page of those details. so you will have Voucher Details, Payment details, Delivery Details and a confirmation that details are correct page and then a page that confirms that an email confirming the order was sent or made.

    If you must use JavaScript then I suggest that you use the localStorage object to store information on the clients browser between pages and then delete it when done.
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