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Thread: When should I finally learn a JS library?

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    When should I finally learn a JS library?

    For reference, I am a hobbyist developer. I just like the learning process, I don't actually develop anything intended for use by anyone other than me. However, I think that I may one day like to do this for a living, and so I ask this question.

    When I am using JS, I always write pure JS. I have never used any libraries, other than when I am re-using functions I wrote myself. I want to really understand what I'm doing/what is happening behind the scenes, and libraries are kind of the antithesis of that. I do however know that most professionals know and use many libraries, so I'm wondering at what point should I give in and learn JQuery or AngularJS or whatever other library? If I had to rate my JS knowledge, I'd say I'm probably a high level beginner. I understand the language fairly well (I think) but I don't know a ton of tried and true methods, I mostly try to figure out how to do things my way. There are certainly still many aspects of the language I have yet to tackle. But I really love the language and I feel like using a library would be less fun, despite the professional advantages...


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    Two benefits of jQuery are that it hides cross browser issues and that handling the DOM is much easier. IMO it is of no use dealing with these subject by pure JS and instead I would recommend using jQuery from the beginning.

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    Do both, appreciate that JavaScript is native to the browser and does not need to load anything to be used, a library is a case of having to load a chunk of data in addition to the script that may also contain native JavaScript.

    What I find appalling is that many page load a library to do very simple things that can easily be done in JavaScript or even in CSS.

    So IMHO learn CSS and JS and then if you have to, any library as they all emulate each others functionality.
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