I would actually like to get someone to create a database look-up and maintenance function for my new
online business. I could only exchange a nice link/ad to your website/name, on my new site in exchange for the help.

What I have is a webhosting account on goDaddy.com but not using it yet, except this is where I would like to place the database and the lookup and maint code I need developed.
My current website in on the free WIX at www.emailnames.us.

The function I need is to allow a customer on my site to enter a desired new email name, select one of my 50+ domains and look up the name in the database (or databases) to see if someone else already has it. If YES, the name is already taken for the domain selected, then give message, sorry that name is NOT Available, and ask if they would like to try another name. If NO, then exit back to calling page. If Yes, then go back to the screen where they can enter another name.

If, NO, the name has NOT been taken, tell the user the name is available and ask if they would like to reserve it. If Yes, ask for their full Name, address, city, state, zip and then, if they complete that info, then write the name they selected into the database along with their complete contact info.

If they reserve the name, then ask them to go pay for the name using the correct payment link and return them to the calling page.

ON the maintenance side, I need to be able to look for reserved names to check against paid names and mark the names paid. Then I need to manually create the new email address for the customer and come back to the database and mark it as activated on date.time, when activation is completed.
Each entry into the database(s) would be marked with date/time.
(I know not very pretty or efficient but this is what I have to work with - the automated godaddy email creation script and permission is just WAY TO EXPENSIVE, at this time.)

I think this would give you a pretty good idea of the effort required, but I am also concerned about security and the script will have to check customer input for illegal characters and such.

I understand the cost of a really good set of scripts but I am just not there yet. A few more customers and I hope to do a complete web site makeover and move it to my GoDaddy.com hosting account, so a long term relationship might be available, down the road. I've been trying to learn enough PHP to make this work but it just is not working for me. I need Help, champagne taste but less than a beer budget.

Would any of you have an interest in working with me on this project? I would be more than grateful!!

Ssorry for the long post but I did not want to waste anyone's time past this initial post.