Hi guys, sorry that my first post is a question, but i have a problem with a plugin i just bought from codecanyon.

This is the plugin: http://tyler.tc/social-slider-pro/

Now, i installed it to my site which is a sophisticated theme running on wp 3.5. And the plugin(if you saw on the link above) won't work if you click on any of the icons.

This is my site link : http://netfluxmarketing.com

Then, i created a test subdomain trying wp 3.4.2 using twenty eleven, the default wp theme. It still won't work

This is the testing link : http://infocus.netfluxmarketing.com

I don't think that the plugin is running its own jquery library and i think that there is a interference between javascript.

Can someone help me with this issue? I don't know how to see if i have multiple versions of jquery UI or javascript.
Also i saw that i have a number of errors using chrome dev tools. Any ideea how to fix those?
The "fb-root" div has not been created, auto-creating all.js:49
FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init(). all.js:49
<fb:like-box> requires one of the "id" or "name" attributes. all.js:49