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Thread: how to set up a CONSTANT to control 'memory_limit=xxx' found in php.ini

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    how to set up a CONSTANT to control 'memory_limit=xxx' found in php.ini

    is it possible to do this? set up a CONSTANT that corresponds to and controls the 'memory_limit. =xxx' found in the php.ini.

    i'm in a situation where i need to increase that line but don't have access to php.ini file. it started when trying to add a column to an already very large table.

    thanks for you help

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    If this is a hosted website, the host may not give you the ability to override the PHP.ini definitions...which I am guessing is the case if you dont have access to the actual file. But, you can always try doing an ini_set() on an external file and include that file in all the pages needed.
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    Another thing to try is setting it in .htaccess
    php_value setting_name setting_value
    php_value  memory_limit 16M
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