fields are active and editable. the data that resides in the fields right now are names and addresses and phone numbers...

the input field for cellphone is CELLPHONE.

cellnumber is returning a number in the input box, it's labeled as CELLNUMBER..

How to I pass "CELLNUMBER" in the _GET when they dive into the next page?

Do i have to create a variable for it... easy question i'm sure.

THanks in advance.

Here's my insert:

PHP Code:
sql::safe_insert('RE',login::$re_company, 'DME', 'CODE_', $pant->hex);
Here is my table field:

<td>Phone Cell </td><td><?php inp('CELLNUMBER',13'phone'); ?></td>
I'm already passing id in the _GET with this array.. based off an object.

<?php echo "<td><a href='" matry::base_to('test/trace', array('pant_id' => $pant->id)) . "'><ul class='controls'>
                <li id='check_orders'><span class='symbols'>L</span><span class='label'>Skip</span></li>