Hi all, I am after the use of some more experienced brains than mine.

My website has started experiencing the following issue.

My site is www.lindenbleijie.com.au, that part is working fine. From there I have a series of pages e.g. about me, landscape, home etc. It has been working fine for years. My directory tree is as follows - lindenbleijie.com.au/pages/.....whichever page you click. Then on each of those pages it has the same menu for links back and around the site.

All of a sudden it is now adding the last pages path to the link. e.g If I go directly to the site www.lindenbleijie.com.au/index.html then hover or click on the "Contact me" link (as an example) it says http://www.lindenbleijie.com.au/Page...tactindex.html and it works fine. Then the issue comes up. If I now hover or click on a link, e.g. 'home', it now says www.lindenbleijie.com.au/Pages/contactus/index.html. The bold section should not be there. It is like it is remembering the last path and adding it before going the the correct index at the end, of course, as that path and index doesn't exist it comes up with a 404, you will see what I mean on the site. I have checked the link code in dreamweaver and it is still correct and have tried searching the net and this forum but not sure if I nailed the terms to get a result as I haven't found any info. .

Hopefully someone here can help.

If this is in the wrong section can the mods please move.