Hi Folks,

I started working on a "refurb" over the last month, as I am new to CSS (all previous web stuff built in table structures). I tried the validator, which threw up a couple of float errors, so I fixed them first, before creating this topic.

Now ... I had a go at rebuilding our home page using CSS, which was going quite well in my HTML editor (preview) .. but once I went live (temp file of course) ... it looked a complete mess. Funny thing was, with Compatibility Mode switched on in IE, all looked fine, as I viewed in editor while coding, but in normal IE mode or other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome etc, it looks a complete mess!!!!

I am sure it's my lousy beginner's approach, but some direction where I am fundamentally going wrong would be greatly appreciated (please go easy on my 'far from perfect' coding with CSS)

Here in my working file link:

All the best,