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Thread: Research about Randomising , need assistance here.

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    Research about Randomising , need assistance here.

    I'm currently doing some research about random number ,
    my plan is to create a table which lay ten mines everytime i refresh it,
    i try a lot of different way to fix bugs ,
    but it still not able to lay ten mines every times.
    I realize i miss "end if" , "end while",
    but when we put it in the code the function will stop working.

    My current code looks like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function addmines (x) {
    var n = 10; //number of mines
    var mines = []; //an empty array
    while (n>0) {
    var row = Math.floor(1+Math.random()*10);
    var col = Math.floor(1+Math.random()*10);

    if (row >= 0 && row < 10){
    if (col >= 0 && col < 10) {
    var id = "r"+ row + "c" + col;


    var a = document.createElement("img");
    a.src = "mine32.gif";
    a.height = 30;
    a.width = 30;



    return x;




    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

    //Creates Table
    //for loop that creates the row, increments from 0 to 9 each time it reiterates
    for (var row=0; row<9; row++) {
    //creates the table row
    //a nested for loop that reiterates 9 times creating the <td>'s and then exits to the parent for loop.
    for (var col=0; col<9; col++) {
    //references all the <td>'s with a specific id attribute.
    document.write('<td id="r', row, 'c', col, '">');
    //closes the <td>
    //closes the <tr> or row in plain English
    //closes the <table> tag



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    Jackson MS
    I think you don't need to add 1 to your random number to keep it in the range 0-9.

    var row = Math.floor(1+Math.random()*10);

    You might want to pick 10 random numbers from 0-99 and use those to determine the coordinates of your mines instead.
         var deck = new Array(), shuffle = new Array();
         for (var i= 0; i < 100; i++)
           deck[i] = i;
         for (i=99; i > -1; i--) {
           var r = Math.floor(Math.random() * i); // Pick one from those remaining
           shuffle[i] = deck[r];
           deck[r] = deck[i]; // Move last of those remaining to slot just chosen
    From the first ten items in shuffle, do a floor of a / 10 as well as a % 10 to get the coordinates.

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    The funny thing is when I remove the 1+ my Firefox crush

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