I'm working on some script and I stuck in one place.

I have an array like this:

PHP Code:
$test_array = array('key 1' => 'value 1''key 2' => 'value 2''key 3' => 'value 3'); 
I want to print one key & value at a time (from first to last). After passing random amount of seconds (let's say from range 1 to 10) print another key & value than another delay and print, delay and print (till the end of array). I don't want dupliacate print of the same records.

I mean:

script prints: key1, value 1
make random delay: (for ex.) 5 seconds
than prints: key 2, value 2
make another random delay: (for ex.) 3 seconds
than prints: key 3, value 3
Any suggestions will be appreciated.