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Thread: PHP/Mysql Login

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    PHP/Mysql Login

    Is there a way to have the php script/Mysql database to assign username and password to the user when they register and email it to their email address automatically? I am not sure what this feature will be called (or even possible). I am trying find out if it is possible that I can set a login register form that will automatically assign the userid and passward and email it to the user after they submit the form.

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    What will the user actually enter? Just their email address?

    You want to give them your own username and password?



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    can, why not.
    simply use a class auto generated username and password, and of course, the results generated are stored in the db before, you need to check whether there was or not. and of course you will still have a user table that has a field username and password which you can certainly use them to login later.

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