I've been "familiar" with PHP / MySQL for about 10 years. I can read the syntax and have a basic idea / understanding of what's going on. Recently I decided to actually 'learn' php/mysql .... I've made a few small scripts that do very basic / simple things. I'm eager to learn more.

I was hoping to ask a PHP community for some ideas on some small projects ..... I'm hoping to attempt 10 project over the next few months, projects of increasing difficulty, but all staying firmly in the beginner column.

A friend showed my a site that does just this, but for python -- I was wondering if there was a site that could give me things to do, to slowly build on my learning.

I've looked in books, as I've fingered through many of them over the last decade & used them to learn specific things -- (oh, make a session? rather than build on it, i'll just skip to page 348!)

I was hoping to not rummage through years old books, instead getting some ideas from a seasoned community on projects.

Hope to hear from you soon.