Hey everyone I am wondering something.

I recently made mine admin section and the login page to progress to the admin section.
Coding up the forum for the query in mysql is going fine but here is mine main point question.

For example you got:

Content in here
So that's the most basic approach of starting a single html/php page until.....
I insert mine div names for the layout style that's linking to mine css.

So later I off course have made more like 50 pages and every page might have the include page or the div name on that page.

Now I'm wondering, what the hell must I do when I am going to change mine entire layout.
It might be 2 years later or 2 months but I rather be ahead of mine time and I know if I am continuing like this then I will have a lot of work just for changing a layout.

A load of content is going in to mine query, also the links but what to do with the divs?
How do I get it all to 1 page. That I only need to change instead of 50 pages to change the layout?

Maybe I am thinking wrong and I hope you understand mine issue and may be have the solution.