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Thread: General Advice from Sr Developers

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    General Advice from Sr Developers

    Hello, I have been studying front end development for 4 years. My current job is in software testing. I have developed all three company websites. Unfortunately I was not hired for that. Something that I have noticed is after studying and learning php, javascript and other languages that developers must know, I forget most of what I learned because I am not in a position to use it. I understand concepts but lack practical use. When I look through the requirements for hire I see I have learned most of what they require, but I feel I would not be efficient. Anyone have advice on how I should move forward. I really want to follow my passion, even if I have to settle for decrease in salary.

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    Why not take on some freelance work after hours? Or start a hobby website about a passion of yours. Find a reason to make a website and maintain it in your own time. As you get more and more familiar and confident with it you'll become ready to take a full time job doing it.

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    Just make a goal with in time period as you have a good knowledge, so you have to need some extra focus on that part which are required to get a good job on your profile.
    And, dont loose hope , you can change in your way .

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