Hi all,

I am just wandering if I can get some advice on the best framework for e-commerce and cms. I will be redeveloping a website for a client of mine which has needs for both a cms and e-commerce integration.

Apart from a custom written solution, I havent really found a decent framework for combining the two. From what I understand Magento is still lacking in a decent cms and I'm not sure wordpress e-commerce plugins I have looked at will be suitable for an e-commerce solution.

The biggest things I require are Shipping Module, Tax Module, Recurring/Subscription payments (non automated) with renewal reminders (similar functionality to purchasing a magazine subscription for example), Donations, Ease of use and simplicity, simple Membership module with manual annual renewal and all the other standard e-commerce functionalities like multiple payment gateway choices etc..

The possibilities I have thought of so far are:

- Wordpress with wordpress e-commerce plugins (Cart66, WP-Ecommerce or Shopp)
- Magento and with some sort of CMS plugin. (I have also looked aheadWorks Subscription and recurring payments module)
- Magento and Wordpress together (wordpress for the content requirements / magento for e-commerce)
- Joomla with VirtueMart.
- CS-Cart (I have ruled this out pretty much because it doesn't not implement recurring payments very well)

I am happy to spend money if that means finding the right solution.

If anyone could offer some advice that would be great.