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Thread: SEO friendly CMS

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    SEO friendly CMS


    can you tell what platform is SEO friendly?


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    WordPress is the best content management system for SEO. While that statement might be a little bit bold, whoever told you that might be onto something. This post will walk you through and highlight some of the key reasons why WordPress may be the best choice of content management system for businesses wanting to improve on their rankings in the SERPs.

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    Yes, Wordpress is the best CMS for SEO due to the variety of features:

    1. Easy to use
    2. Adding content is simple
    3. SEO friendly Website structure
    4. Auto pinging for search engines,
    5. Useful plugins.

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    The problem is not the CMS. I use Drupal for almost all of my sites and it's excellent, but if you don't create your own themes or modules you are very much in the hands of those that do.

    Some themes are excellently written with SEO in mind, as are some modules, but others are slow and slow your site down. Also, I'm surprised how many themes are not geared for mobiles and tablets.

    The best site in the world is doing poor SEO if it is not also reaching out to those accessing it via a phone. The best themes have one layout for widescreen desktops, one for tablets, and a further setting for mobiles, and the change is automatic.

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