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Thread: Img url on a my website

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    Img url on a my website

    Alright, so I am a fairly new programmer and was wondering how this worked.
    I have made a website that allows you to upload images to our server, it stores images in /images and the rest of the information is stored in a MySQL database.

    I have also made a template for images to be shown. So there is one design for all images, that also includes a header, footer, ads etc.
    Now to the question: How do I display the actual image here and how can do I make every image as a url.

    Example: Now my images are like this: www.website.com/images/img01 ---> This only displays my image
    I want: www.website.com/images.php#img01 ---> Display all content.

    It's a bit hard to explain since I don't know how it actually works but if you have any questions go ahead and ask.
    I appreciate any help I can get, also redirecting me to any tutorials that shows this would be equally great. Thanks!

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    BUMP, still in need of help. Will be able to pay if needed.

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    I'm not sure you can do it with a hash in the url as you've described. The standard query string format would make it something like:
    To do that, you'd write the images.php script to check the parameter called "img" via the global $_GET['img'] which will contain the string "img01" in this example. You then create the html for the <img> tag, using that as the source.


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    I think you can use imagecreatefromstring() function to create image URL in PHP. The code shown below will help you generate image UR:

    $url="http://snapcasa.com/get.aspx?code=5348&size=l&url=http://www.yahoo.com"; $contents=file_get_contents($url); $img=imagecreatefromstring($contents); $img_path=dirname(__FILE__)."/thumb.jpg"); imagejpeg($img,$img_path);

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    Thanks for the inputs, I found it out on my own
    used $_GET['id']

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