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Thread: Selecting text from box that was clicked

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    Question Selecting text from box that was clicked

    Hi guys, i currently have a page which has lots of boxes with different data in them like this:

    HTML Code:
    <div class="box">
            <div class="box_name">
             Test Name
            <div class="time">
            <div class="message">
            A message 
    <a href="#" id="button">View Content</a>
    and i want to grab the value which is inside the time class div and pass it to the popup box.
    currently this gets the value:

    PHP Code:
    $('#button').click(function() {

    time = $('.time').html(); 
    but because the .time class is used on each box it always passes the content from the first box on the page.

    is there no way to implement "$this" into the function so it gets the time value only from the box which was clicked.
    im stuck.

    hope that made sence


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    There is! The closest() function will traverse upwards through the parents until specified element is found. If you change the button ID to a button class this code will work:
    	var box = $(this).closest('.box'); // get's the box the button is in
    	var time = $('.time', box).text(); // finds the .time element in the box
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