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So this is what I have So far as a website

Wordpres installed with my theme
I was going to do a MNS but I was readying Authority is way better. So im going to build that instead
Got my keywords I want to rank for for the first few pages im setting up.

I bought SEOPressor to help me with my onpage seo.

So for backlinks I was Reading that I should for my tier1 links to my money site make them manually and only to niche related sites. with High pr + Get facebook likes, twitter retweets, google+1, ect... Then Build tier2 to those tier1s but then use my tools only for that like senuke, xrumer and ect...

Then take those backlinks and make Tier 3 with the tier2 use all my tools to get backlinks to it and then keep doing that until i have about 6 tiers.

But im so confused now with all that. Plus i'm reading i.p diversity, link deviltry, drip feed all this stuff i have no idea about.

Is there a really good video tutorial on how to build back links and pyramids and expalin drip feed and all that other stuff.

Im trying to take action but I just confuse the **** out of myself. Plus as u can see all the tools i went out and bought because i thought it was the next best thing. Stupid me.