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Thread: Game making Help

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    Game making Help

    I am looking for any help on how to make a game that is some what like this
    Any help would make me very greatful...

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    Welcome to the forums.

    That question is far to general to accurately help you. That game, you may have realized, wasn't likely very easy to create. You'd have to have skills in both sever-side and client-side — so users can register and actually play the game, respectively. You simply cannot learn how to create something like that overnight. I'd suggest first learning JavaScript; start with the simple stuff, work your way onto the more complex stuff. Then learn a server-side language like PHP; learn how the language works, and then specifically how to create some kind of user system in which will most likely involve databases. There are already a lot of open-source PHP scripts that involve this, and thus, you could look through their code to see exactly how they work. Same thing for any JavaScript — think it's cool? Check out the source. What better way to learn than by example? I've also listed some excellent resources here which should help you learn JavaScript and PHP.

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    I already know javascript; and I also have done some extensive work with PHP....

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