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Thread: In need of a willing voluntary web developer

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    In need of a willing voluntary web developer

    As the title says, I am in search of a web developer who is willing to put full effort and dedication into this project. Unfortunately I cannot pay you right now, but in time (and hopefully one day) it becomes a big thing and/or you may share the profits from it. I cannot give full details of this site for reasons that people may steal the idea, but if you are truly interested please send me an email at speedy.4.life@hotmail.com with the title "Helping Others 2013". From there we will skype so I can assure you are real and you will know that I am real and serious about this. Keep in mind this project could take awhile, I dont want to refrain you from your personal life with this (hence the term volunterly :P ) but I do hope that someone with exceptional skill in web developing will assist in this. I already have a secured domain name and web hosting setup for it, I just need to tech-guru for this. Thank you

    Here are some details on what you will be making:

    Helping people throughout the world
    Social (possibly massive one day) networking
    Money transactions (credit/debit card use)
    Competitive features
    Earning achievements by doing certain things on the site etc.
    A special currency for the site (that people can use real money to buy) which later can purchase special features for the site

    I am willing to learn anything that you can teach that will assist you within this project and I'm going to be 110% into this. Thanks everyone and whoever is interested, bless you and thank you so much.

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    I just realized I accidentally posted this twice, but both relating to the same thing. Also disregard some of my spelling/grammar errors, working this grave yard shift is killer to the mind >.<

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