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Thread: In need of a willing volunteer skilled web developer

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    Lightbulb In need of a willing volunteer skilled web developer

    As thte title says, I am looking for someone who is willing to assist me and my friend in a huge project that is designed to help people through the world. I cannot pay you as of right now, but possibly one day, this site will turn into something large and maybe profit from it. Which then I will gladly give you your rightful share and/or in time I will personally be able to pay you when I can. I cannot spare full details over the site, in order to secure the idea and make sure it is not stolen, but I hope to find someone who is actually willing to put in the work for this. This project will be pretty big I'm sure and may possibly be time-consuming (I'm not a developer so I cant say how long it will take you). If you're truly interested in helping us, please send an email to, speedy.4.life@hotmail.com with the subject line "Helping Others 2013". From there we will exchange Skype info, so I can see that you are real and you know that I am real and serious about this (and of course we will go over full details then). I am not looking to consume your entire personal life with this project, you will be given the time you need no problem.

    Here are some small details of features you will be creating:

    Social (possibly massive one day) networking
    Money transactions (credit/debit card payments)
    Competitive features (kinda like a game)
    A special currency unique to the site (people can purchase these with real money to do special features on the site)
    Possible animations
    ...and many other things!

    If you can handle these things and can find it in your time and heart to assist with this project in order to help others around the world, then please send me an email. Thank you so much

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    sorry accidentally posted this twice, but they're the same thing pretty much

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