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Thread: Using onmousedown and onmouseup for the .getElementsByClassName method

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    Using onmousedown and onmouseup for the .getElementsByClassName method

    Hi people,
    I have a class of links defined as .button, they are highly stylized and look like links. I want to set it so that
    onmousedown, the background color and border style will change, and will change back to what they were onmouseup. Currently I have functions defined as mDown(x) and mUp(x), where I use x as the parameter and then change them to mDown(this) and mUp(this) as onmousedown and onmouseup attributes of every button. I was wondering if there is a way to set the onmousedown and onmouseup actions for the class as a whole. By the way, in the below code the
    element with ID "box" is the table cell in which all of the buttons are located. I was thinking something like this:
    var y=document.getElementById("box").getElementsByClassName("button");

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    No, you'll have to set the onmousedown and onmouseup on all elements individually, which is easily achieved with a loop. getElementsByClassName returns an array.

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    I am adding something where users can open up a small selection pane on the side and select their teachers, and buttons will be created on the main page that link directly to their teachers' homepages. Is there a way that I can add onmousedown and onmouseup functions to these new button through JavaScript/DOM?

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