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Thread: Remember Me (not literally)

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    Remember Me (not literally)


    I have built a custom built site in Codeigniter.

    I have added a [] Remember Me check box to my sign in form.

    I want the browser to remember the users details and keep them logged in for 1 week if they select that option.

    I understand that using cookies can cause some security threats.

    Can anyone offer any advice on how i should go about setting this up, thanks in advance for your help...

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    To maintain a "presence" for that length of time, you really are reduced to using either cookies or localStorage.

    To increase security, you can combine the "local" reference variable that doesn't contain any specific information (perhaps just an keyed md5 hash of a known value) with a server-side reference variable in a database (using the same keyed md5 hash) that contains the rest of the user's information that can be used to "revive" the session.

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