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Thread: What CMS to choose

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    What CMS to choose


    A client of mine has a website with a lot of content.
    We need to expand his website and his current CMS doesn't support it.
    So we're going to migrate to another CMS and I'm busy determining what CMS it should be.

    I've some experience with Joomla and I like this system.
    Drupal would be very good voor the content management (as they say on the internet).

    I need to implement a system to request a visa on the website.
    The whole process of this should be administrated and able to follow by the CMS.
    I assume this will be custom scripting so the CMS should be flexible. (some systems are really rough programming)

    With Joomla I don't have experience programming components and a friend of mine said I shouldn't go with Joomla.
    He had some bad experiences with programming components for this CMS.

    What are your experiences and can you recommend me something?

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    Joomla is more simple and it is good for making design, there are a lot of modules which you can use with it.

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    My vote is for drupal. More difficult to use, but the proper configuration is far better

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    Yes, drupal is also too advanced and you can find this function too.

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    Without giving it any thought you should go in for Joomla, it can take in any amount of content including videos, just check out www.webtoolson.com to see the amount of pages, the kind of content and links and the amount of videos that are uploaded on this web tools site, that's the reason why Hostgator has teamed up with this site to offer a no cost website and they are also providing training to manage your website.

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    Belgium, Flanders.
    Wordpress is best.

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