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Thread: Fetching Multiple String values

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    Fetching Multiple String values

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, i am plotting some nodes on a map, from an excel sheet, on the page there are some check boxes, selecting which will plot the respective entries on the map, e.g. when i select the checkbox "VIP Sites" then only the VIP entries should be displayed, in order to specify whether the entry is VIP or Not there are multiple comparison for example i am using

    else if (plotOptChbox[4].checked == true && markers[i].get('City') == ('city1' || 'city2' || 'city3' || 'city4')) {
    filterMarker[fmCnt] = markers[i];

    the problem is that it only displays the entries contained in city1 i.e. because matches at first , i want to display all other entries which are matching with city2, city3 and city4, PLease guide.

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     else if (plotOptChbox[4].checked == true && ',city1,city2,city3,city4,'.indexOf(citiesmarkers[i].get('City'))>0) {

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    It might make more sense to use an array in Vic's example...

    else if (plotOptChbox[4].checked && ['city1','city2','city3','city4'].indexOf(citiesmarkers[i].get('City'))!=-1) {

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    HI All,
    thanks for the replies, both solutions worked great, one issue is that some times a city name is written in Uppercase like CITY1, some times it is written as City1 and some times city1, so how can i matched it with all without providing the values as hard coded, i.e. it should check only the spelling,

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    Use the method toLowerCase() for all strings or build a regular expression to make a test

    var reg=/city1|city2|city3|city4/i;// with a i for ignore case
    // Then use
    else if (plotOptChbox[4].checked == true && reg.test(citiesmarkers[i].get('City'))) {/...
    NB : The eleven following «metacharacters» must be preceded by a back slash :
    the opening square bracket [, the backslash \, the caret ^, the dollar sign $, the period or dot ., the vertical bar or pipe symbol |, the question mark ?, the asterisk or star *, the plus sign +, the opening round bracket (, and the closing round bracket ).

    In the absence of these characters the regular expression can be constructed with such a simple
    var reg=new RegExp("city1|city2|city3|city4","i");
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