Hi, This is my first post on the forum, i am plotting some nodes on a map, from an excel sheet, on the page there are some check boxes, selecting which will plot the respective entries on the map, e.g. when i select the checkbox "VIP Sites" then only the VIP entries should be displayed, in order to specify whether the entry is VIP or Not there are multiple comparison for example i am using

else if (plotOptChbox[4].checked == true && markers[i].get('City') == ('city1' || 'city2' || 'city3' || 'city4')) {
filterMarker[fmCnt] = markers[i];

the problem is that it only displays the entries contained in city1 i.e. because matches at first , i want to display all other entries which are matching with city2, city3 and city4, PLease guide.