Hi I'm new to the forums and admittedly, not as tech savvy as I wish I was. My company needs to build an online web presence, we are going to create a local listing service and embed video into it, as well as try to create a mobile app that mirrors most of the content created on the website. I need to find a budget for building this. Any resources, links, or an idea of where to start would be great. I have been told based on the concept from some friends that it would be best built in Ruby on Rails.

My current thought is to try to find a web designer to wire frame the concept and then go to different programmers in town or search online for a company that builds websites and try to get a quote. Is there a more efficient way? I am pretty lost as to how to proceed. My company is small and we don't want to hire more people if possible.

Any thoughts comments or resources would be wonderful. THank you in advance.