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Thread: Innovative HTML Techniques: Developer's Opinions

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    Lightbulb Innovative HTML Techniques: Developer's Opinions

    Hello Webdeveloper.com! I am happy to be here, as I originally learned HTML from Joe Burns, from HTMLGoodies, and I must thank him and his staff for his continued web development tips. Thank you!

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to ask those of you who are Web Developers if you have created your own innovative HTML techniques, such as the one's I'm about to show you?

    Here is an example: http://josephdsmith.blogspot.com/201...owing-off.html

    So, feel free to share your own, and please do not use this thread for advertisement, that link that I posted is purely for information purposes.

    Thanks! Peace out. :<

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    I just do not see the usefulness of a trick such as
    <a href="http://www.josephdsmith.blogspot.com/" target="newwindow"><textarea></textarea></a>

    What is really the point of having a clickable textarea?
    Textarea is use in a web form to allow your web site visitor to write some content to submit.

    I know you are new to HTML and it's exciting to explore what you can achieve with all those tags.
    But keep in mind, the usability of your website is more important than any fancy tricks you may have found.

    Did you know you can use CSS to customize the look-and-feel of a hyperlink?

    I am not trying to discourage you but just to make sure you value user experience as well.
    So keep practicing.

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