First of thanks for SoundManager, such a great plugin.

I have a problem in adding it to my website, so to understand the problem better, please check the website first: http://mersadesign.com/test

I am trying to impediment to sound manager on by website. The website is kinda vertical slider. So there is a menu but all items are linked to a specific class of the page. Music link is the third option (Page 3). But when I added the 360 music player the scrub bar did not work correctly, that means wherever I click on the bar, it only goes to a specific place. Actually it does not play where I click on.

BUT when I moved the player to the first class (first page) the scrub bar works correctly. So I guess there is a problem with those previous classes (pages).

I spend hours but really cant understand the problem, can anyone check it for me and tell me what is wrong?

if you need to download the files, here is the link:

Thanks in advance.