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Thread: Emails - Cron or no Cron

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    Emails - Cron or no Cron

    Hi, i have built a custom site using Codeigniter.

    My site allows users to post a story to the site... then other users can comment on the story.

    There is an option under the users Settings to choose whether you want to be notified by email if:

    A - MY STORY
    [ ] a user comments on my story

    [ ] another user comments on a story that i have commented on

    I don't think i need any special script or service to handle email A, as it is just one email to one user, however Email B is a different story as 1000 users might have commented on a story and then 1000 users might need to receive an email each time a new user comments on the same story they have commented on, so:

    1 - is there a 3rd party service that i should use in conjunction with codeigniter to handle these bulk emails

    2 - should i process all of these batch emails using a cron... if so can someone recommend the best way to run this process

    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    Just thinking aloud...and these might not be the best solutions for your application but here it goes...

    In our software, we give users the option to receive email notices for various things. However, for the user's comfort, we only send them 1 email daily with all of their notices grouped, etc.. In this way, we avoid (1) over-crowding their inbox, (2) sending multiple emails for the same story each time it is commented on (saves a lot of overhead).

    Something else to consider, depending on your application, is just to have RSS feeds for each story. The let the users subscribe to them and their RSS reader will fetch the info for you -- you never have to send the email.

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