Hello all,

A very general sort of question here, hoping to start some discussionÖ

Iíve been a web developer for a number of years, the last few years working independently, mostly creating websites for very small businesses and organizations. Iíd like to explore other ways of making money using my web development skills, working independently, out of my home. Ways that donít necessarily involve finding clients and building sites for them, but are more along the lines of creating, hosting, and maintaining sites of my own which in one way or another generate income.

A few specifics: At this point I donít have any particular content of my own to offer the public (Iím not a blogger, etc.). Iím not looking for a ďget rich quickĒ scheme; Iím willing to put in regular hours, and hoping only to eventually make a modest living from whatever project or projects I might start. Iím not interested in getting involved with anything illegal, and Iím also not interested in hosting "adult" sites.

SoÖ Any thoughts? Directions to go in, directions to stay away from? Useful resources? Things that have worked for any of you, or things that have failed?

Many thanks,


PS: With varying degrees of rustiness, my skills include: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash, ActionScript, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Ajax, Perl, CGI, Website Design, Graphics Development for the Web, Photoshop, UNIX (including vi, regular expressions), Dreamweaver, XML, C, PerforceÖ