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Thread: Photo Format - Resolution for Web Content

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    Photo Format - Resolution for Web Content


    We are currently redesigning our website http://www.aljoufilaw.com/ar/ and we are inserting photos in the sub-pages of the site.

    What is the best format to use that would render the photo in high quality and high resolution?

    Does increasing the resolution of the photo in Photoshop by going to image>image size>resolution, then set the resolution to 1200 for example, increase the quality of the photo?

    We really appreciate your expert advice on this. Thanks.

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    jpeg is the format you want for photographs. If the image is already smaller than 1200px, increasing it in photoshop will not help. If you want an image of 1200px wide, you should start with the original (presumably larger than 1200px) image and scale that one down to 1200px. If course the size of the image should not be adjusted by the browser, ie it should be scaled in PS to the same size as is needed on the web page.


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