Hi All,

Could anyone please assist me? I am developing a game and i've got a bit stuck.

On the link below, you'll hopefully see a date counter top right hand corner with a continue button just above it which when clicked skips the counter on a few days.


Thing is the counter skips/animates on a few days fine, but I have a problem that the counter defaults back to the current date when the page is refreshed.

And doesn't keep the current custom date, that you've skipped to. Additionally I am also trying to write/update the date to another PHP file called gamedate.php which I hope to use eventually as a save game feature.

So when you come back and load your game it will load the day you saved last from gamedate.php.

I have attached as to what I believe are probably the necessary files, hopefully one of you wonderful people will reply.

Should you require anything else please just ask. Thanks