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Thread: Give me an idea for a website please!

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    Lightbulb Give me an idea for a website please!

    Hello guys,

    I need an idea for a new project and my brain is "bone dry". I'm not able to come up with a stratup project idea. So tell me guys, what website you would like to see, and what it should do for you?

    Go wild with the ideas!
    Thank you.

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    Hi mihaialin,
    I wish I could help but seriously thats like asking me to try and guess your favorite color.

    Its not much point me suggesting you create a website about auto repair or gardening if you dont know anything about auto repair or gardening, let alone have a passion for it, so whats your passion, sport? books? gem collecting? look inside yourself, dont ask what is missing... ask what can I contribute, what do I know about.. and build a website about that.
    Are you good at building websites? write about building websites, got a favorite game? write a walkthru, got a disability? write about living with that...the fact is whatever you write about there will be people interested.
    Dont think about it, feel it.

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    If am not wrong , you are going to develop a website just for that you want to develop it.

    But , if you don't have any idea , theme then simply make a website which will be based on general concept like news, general type all category content.

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