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    Poke Feature

    Hello everyone I have googled all day and I have not found a single result for what I am curious about.I am new to PHP. So new that I have never actually written the code. I am just doing research for when I do begin coding.How do you build a 'poke' feature?Like the one on Facebook.I want to practice PHP by developing a social site.I would like to have a 'hug','smack','kiss', and more for user interaction.Any help no matter how small is appreciated.

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    This may sound silly to some, but you'll have to be a bit more detailed. I have never been much of a fan of Facebook thus I have no idea what such a feature actually does. Not knowing this I cannot analyze it to come up with any systematical way of recreating it in something such as PHP. There is quite a lot of ground to cover in an ambitious project such as creating a social site, but I suppose sticking to the topic, after a bit of elaboration I can probably help explain how something like a 'poke' feature would be coded for you.
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