I can't figure out how to change the size of an SVG image loaded with the OBJECT tag. I would like to use the same image in different sizes.
If I use the IMG tag and specify a width, it shrinks the SVG image to fit into the size I specified.
I want to use the object tag so I can have a PNG fallback.

I have tried many variants of the following:
    <object data="logo.svg" type="image/svg+xml" width="75" alt="Logo svg" >
    <img src="logo.png" width="75" alt="Logo png" />
But every time I leave out width and height it it puts in the large image I originality designed.
If I put in width and/or height attributes it does not scale them, it cuts them off, giving me the upper left corner of the logo. I want the whole image shrunk to fit the correct width.

Any idea of how this is done with the OBJECT tag?