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Thread: connection timing out filezilla how to disable

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    connection timing out filezilla how to disable

    I made the mistake of trusting my hosting company for hosting and did not take my backups into my own computer. now since 3 days many sites are very slow and i even experienced total downtime for a while. it is still slow and they have no estimate of when this issue is going away.

    i am now trying to backup my database sql files, from the folder in godaddy server (which are up to date) into my own computer. i connected with filezilla to do that but the transfer is very slow. and sometimes it gets to a point that is almost at stopping point and then filezilla automatically disables connection. how can i make filezilla continue transfer although the transfer is very slow? everytime filezilla stops i have to restart transfer. it is the 20th time i am trying now, and the most i got to %47...

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    If you are trying to get backups of your sql databases you should be able to do this through phpMyAdmin, which should be available with your godaddy hosting. This would just give you a .sql file to download directly from your browser and shouldn't produce any similar issues.

    As far as resuming transfer, as long as godaddy's server for your hosting supports it (which I see no reason why it wouldn't) it should be automatic and entirely possible in filezilla. Unless the transfers themselves aren't registering as failed transfers, in which case you'd be out of luck. But back to filezilla... if you open up the 'Settings...' under the 'Edit' menu option you can click on 'File exists action' located underneath the 'Transfers' branch. Here you can set the default to 'Resume file transfer'. This should automatically resume your file from where it left off when you start the download again after your connection times out. It actually should have asked you about this when you reconnected and you could have selected this option but... for now let's just see how things go and if it solves your problem, great.
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    Do you have ssh access?

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