Hi all,

I am experimenting with CSS at the moment and I am referring to this site here:
Queen Leech

On this Philosophy page, Philosophy, if you find their logo on the page - the big picture above "Philosophy - Your apparels are more than just outfits that reflect your character. They are also the closest things...", the logo is like somehow strangely "hovering"/"layering" over the "white paper"/"page". After some reverse-engineering, I believe they are using CSS's positioning to do the layering effect.

I am thinking of doing similar kind of effect but there is one thing I would like to change: Having a picture/logo hovering/layering over another div - just like the reference above, but also having the div below scrollable/moving.

What I mean is that, if I have the content scrollable like how it should normally, but instead of the whole page scrolls, only the bottom div scrolls, and the picture/logo hovering on top of it stays where it is regardless of the scrolling.

I've tried to do it with posiitioning, but the scrollbar behaviors don't seem correct and there are some unwanted space on the page, which causes the scrollable area to be abnormally longer than it should. Can someone give me some hints on how I should tackle this? Thank you very much.