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Thread: How to ceate a an image with pixel array??

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    Post How to ceate a an image with pixel array??

    Hi there,
    this is sai,

    Can anyone tell me how to create an image in an jsp/html using pixel array which consists pixel co-ordinates in a bar chart ???

    please anyone can open your book of thoughts..

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    google has a free HTML graph api you can use to embed charts on your page.
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    Hi there,
    This is Sai.

    In my web application as a user I will put some points on the bar chart(which contains X and Y axis) and then when I click on button all the points should join & form a shape and when I drag and drop that particular shape to other place in that bar chart it should able to read the chart coordinates and I can able to resize that shape.
    Like this there are many shapes in that bar chart.
    How to do this??

    I have taken table and divided each <td> like a block so that each <td> contains an id its row and column no
    for example row 2 nd and column is 5
    then its id is 25.

    My Workout Feedback:

    The problem with this is if more number of <td > it will be slow while loading and so can anyone tell me how the back ground bar chart can be developed.
    So I had to neglect this table concept.

    If possible any example or link or anything.

    I am attaching an image please check it out to get an idea.
    Thanks for your time.Screenshot-1.png

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