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Thread: Need help with an onsubmit return script that will check 2 functions

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    Need help with an onsubmit return script that will check 2 functions

    I am trying to prevent submission of a form if either or both of 2 functions return false. I've tried calling the functions in my form this way:

    <form action="tuition-calculator.php" name="orderform" id="tuition-schedule" method="post" onsubmit="return (tuesThurs() && setTuition())">, but it doesn't stop the submission, even if the results are false.

    So...now I've tried this:
    (in header)

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function formValidation(myForm)
    var result = tuesThurs(myForm);
    var result2 = setTuition(myForm);
    results = result && result2;
    return results;

    (in body)

    <form action="tuition-calculator.php" name="orderform" method="post" onsubmit="return formValidation(this)">

    If the values are "false" for both functions, the proper alerts appear and the submission doesn't happen. If I change my entries so that tuesThurs returns a "true" but setTuition returns a false, the alert for setTuition appears, but the submission goes through anyway. I do not want it to be submitted until both functions are true.

    Any suggestions?

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    Are you sure you're returning the correct values from both tuesThurs and setTuition? And there are no errors? Because both of the above methods are correct and should work.

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