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Thread: Different in ranking between singular and plural keywords

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    Arrow Different in ranking between singular and plural keywords

    Singular keywords and plural keywords, both ranks differently on search engines. I think, Google consider two different keywords for singular and plural keywords. Which keyword (singular and plural keyword) is good regarding SEO ranking? And, does it matter which one you target?

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    Before targeting and keyword (Singular or plural keywords) we must check its Global and Local Monthly search in Google Adword Tools. Singular keywords and plural keywords are consider as different keywords and plural keywords have more searches then singular keywords.

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    like the question you had asked and definitely having a variety of search results for "singular" and "plural" keywords. I found this article very helpful according with your query - http://www.orangesoda.com/blog/is-th...lural-keywords

    which will help you to sort this issue with clear view how it could affect the search results.

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    facebook is introducing a new type of graph search which used we can search a person or other thing by a question.....
    must read this https://www.facebook.com/pages/Devel...21681384533201

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