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Thread: Hotel Reservation Calendar for Online Booking in PHP and mySQL

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    Hotel Reservation Calendar for Online Booking in PHP and mySQL

    I am starting work on a reservation system for a hotel. I will be creating a mySQL datbase and using PHP. I had hoped to avoid creating a calendar table in my SQL database and just use a period table of non-availability but I need to handle variable prices which can vary from room to room and not for a set period throughout the hotel (for example special weekend offer on a double room but not on a triple). So I will have to be handling multiple calendars.

    I thought I would not re-invent the wheel if some scripts for calendar/price/room management were available and I downloaded PHP Booking Calendar from this website: http://www.phpbookingcalendar.com/
    However there is no more support for these scripts - has anybody already installed this? Would anyone be so kind as to explain how to install this? or it there some better script out there?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    What kind of hotel are you referring to? Is is a Marriott type? You know I've been searching for cheap yet elegant hotels in the area and would probably appreciate the process that you're creating with. That could make our browsing experience easier and more comfortable. I choose homestay Penang when I as in Malaysia.

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