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Thread: continuous music playing on a website,

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    continuous music playing on a website,

    Does someone know the code so a list of mp3's will automatically play back to back in any window media player on a website? The ones I found require the listener to press play for the next mp3.


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    This could obviously be done with flash/actionscript and there is likely a few players out there for this. It would be relatively simple to code such a thing though with basic controls and you would merely need to check if the current song has reached the end, possibly have a short delay and then play the next song in a list.

    If flash isn't your thing HTML5 is fully capable of doing this as well. Though you would cut off your system to anyone not using a modern browser but that's your personal decision.
    With HTML5 <audio> you can embed an mp3 easily and using javascript you can create an array to hold the list of songs you wish to play. Javascript can detect the current position in an <audio> element as well as the duration of the song, thus you could easily check to see if a song is done or not, if so simply load the next song in your array.

    When I get home later tonight I could always write up some code if you somehow feel you can't research any of this or just have no clue on how to begin coding either solution.
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    I use Cincopa music player. You can choose the songs that will be playing one after another. You can also choose the look of your music player

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