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Thread: What is DOC submission ?

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    What is DOC submission ?

    Hi Experts, I would like to know what is doc submission and what is benefits of DOC submission in seo point of view ?

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    The links from PDF are counted as backlinks to your site and they definitely can affect SERP movement positively. However, if you're not really into making them for readers, this - as any other obviously 'manipulative' technique - may sooner or later result in penalty. So, no one can precisely estimate for how long the positive effect of such a submission will last.

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    Basically there are so many peoples which always online on some doc sites likes slideshare. You have to make an attractive document with the use of image, quality content, references, links that will attract to the readers. This is also one of the way to increase the traffic.

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    You could make it as slide share.

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    PDF submission may have a positive impact on rankings, especially if you offer content that is likely to be downloaded and shared. PDF sites are similar to Web 2.0 sites in terms of SEO: this is not the technique which gives you the strongest backlinks, but still good enough to increase visibility and diversify a backlink profile a bit.

    First of all make sure that your PDF is actually a text file, not an image, so search engine bots can actually read and index this file. As for the rest, the same rules are applied as to any other content you optimize: using keywords in title, URL, content and ALT tags. Moreover, use your keywords in document’s properties where applicable and add some backlinks inside your PDF file.

    Scribd.com, Slideshare.net, Issuu.com, 4shared.com, Yudu.com, Docstoc.com. are strong domains you can submit PDF files to (PR 6-8).

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    Document sharing websites can be a good source of traffic. They have high PR, they have high amount of traffic, and they’ll help you to get ranked well in the search engines websites.*

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    What is the use of document submission? Is this submission give backlinks to our site? Document submission helpful for increasing ranking or not?

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    document sharing is like when you put a .pdf up on the Web (in a directory, for example) and people share it in various other venues. It's not going to help your SEO anymore, as Google has decided that duplicate content is a no-no.

    If you mean how to share documents, Google Drive comes to mind, but there are many places you can share content these days -- Dropbox, for example, There's no SEO advantage in any regard any longer.

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    share your doc on high PR sites are document submission in SEO for quality traffic & backlinks.

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