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Thread: what is the difference between Blog and Article ?

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    Question what is the difference between Blog and Article ?

    what is the difference between Blog and Article in the seo point of views.

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    I suppose a blog could be considered a collection of articles.
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    An article is a piece of information about a marketing strategy, recipe tips, parenting skills, or anything you choose to write about....focusing on your website or your business.

    On the other hand, a blog is like a daily journal where you post articles, recipes, health tips, your thoughts for the day or just about anything you wish. You post on it daily, every other day, weekly or however you choose to post. You can also add your websites to it and adsense if you like to a blog.

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    An Article is a form of information related to your business, marketing tips, health related and many others topics to write.

    Wheres Blog is like a journal also called your one type of daily dairy where you write something about your thoughts, your daily activities and many more things whatever you like.

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    An article is a lengthy piece of writing, accounting in an experts point of view, aimed at explaining a topic in abundant detail. A blog post is a shorter piece of writing, usually in a conversational style, aimed at updating or educating your readers, or to spark ideas and interest in your business. For more information please visit www. searchenginegenie. com/Difference-between-Blog-and-Articles.html

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    In a simple way article is a collection of words and blog is collection of article.

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    So what would you say about

    article directory and

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