I have a javascript navigation bar I am trying to center in a <div>. Because I don't want to fix a width to the div, I am using percentages which -from what I read- makes it impossible to use CSS to center the bar. I have tried all the methods mentioned in CSS forums to find out for myself.
It has been a while (a few years) since I did any web developing, my Dreamweaver is out of date (and I am out of touch) with HTML 5 and CSS3. Prior to that, the software I used to create the menu had a plug-in for DW and it centered it automatically. Now, I need to do it manually and can only believe that it is a function of javascript.
To keep it simple, here is my example:

<div class="navbar">
<script type="text/javascript" src="navbars/navTop/biztech.js"></script>

margin:0 auto;

I tried using "ul {display:inline-block;}", but that didn't work, either.

Any help is appreciated.