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Thread: Do you ever "cheat" when creating a personal webpage?

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    Do you ever "cheat" when creating a personal webpage?

    I've been working on a webpage where I can update a DragonSpeak Line "search engine", and, to be honest, it uses frames--frequently. I've been wondering if any of you have had a webpage that stays on your computer for some reason, and cheated by using "quick-and-dirty" coding, and to heck with standards?

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    I sadly sometimes use tables to vertically align certain block elements, though I still try to avoid even this whenever possible.
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    Nope, my code is perfect. :P

    Though I'll admit I've lately developed a habit of using shortened nonsensical class and variable names in my css and scripts, for example instead of having a class called "innerMenuBox" I now call it "imb"... but perhaps that's not so much "cheating", just bad coding practice.

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    Yes i agree with the point was noted by "ReFreezed" that most of us have a bad coding practice rather than clean coding practice that does not mean every body has this habit. Unfortunate but this one is true that sometimes a genius coder can also adapt this bad habit

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    I think "clean" code should be used where it has to be used.
    If there is no need for a good code (like making the admin area for me only) I'll use the most effective way to solve the problem be it the "dirty hack" or whatever. And thats not a problem for me.
    Of course, If you have good coding habits, often most effective way is a good code

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